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Pro proactive work

May 14, 2011

Nothing gets creatives more excited than Proactive (Pro Bono) work.  It helps us break free of the boxes created by regular client demands and encourages us to pour out our hearts and a little bit of our souls into this task.  After all when real clients demand real results any kind of creative leap is risky business.

Every year The One Show, the Lions at Cannes and other  Advertising Awards showcase brilliant ideas on how to solve social issues. Don’t batter your women,  drinking and driving don’t mix, say no to drugs, save the trees, and of course – climate change is a burning topic!

If the past has thrown up brilliant stuff on all these issues, the future will find more creative ways to say the same thing.

But at some point we also ask ourselves that unanswered question –  what did that  proactive leap actually achieve? Did it put a beggar child in school or stop the tearing down of our forests or save the natural habitat of the Olive Ridley Turtle.  Some campaigns worked and other equally brilliant ones did not.

Obviously proactive works when the creatives fulfill the needs of an organisation that is working on the ground.

Proactive…ated is an effort to match creative resource with ngo clients.

Every few weeks we will showcase an ngo and share their communication requirements with you. So if you get inspired to get cracking on a brilliant idea we urge you to go ahead, take that creative leap. We are here to cheer you on.

For any clarifications or more information you can either leave a comment, e-mail or get in touch with the concerned person mentioned in the brief.


What is Proactive…ated all about

May 7, 2011

This blog is for any advertising person who has ever wanted to create ad campaigns, posters, logos, newletters, social media campaigns… for ngo’s or other organisations in the welfare sector.

So, if you feel strongly about female infanticide, child education, protecting the environment, saving endangered animals, the mentally ill, or the physically challenged… showcase your ideas here.

Alternately connect with ngos and other organisations that can benefit from your expertise. Create an award winning identity for a start up ngo, or create a campaign that will solve issues for ngo’s in need.

What I am trying to do here is be the connector.  I know that there is a whole advertising fraternity out there able and willing to create kickass work.  And there is an army of ngo’s badly in need of your communication skills.

So join me in this venture and let’s get started. And I look forward to all your suggestions and ideas.